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full tutorial of html.HTML-1. html full tutorial.Basic HTML Elements.

 Full tutorial of html. Introduction

The World wide web is an exciting new medium,bringing

information,images,advertising and what not to every

desktop.Do you know that everything that you see on

the web is documents written in a special langauge

called HTML or Hypertext Markup Language. This

language tells the browsers like Mosaic or Internet

Explorer how to display text,pictures and links on the

This chapter will present to you the basics of HTML by

showing to you the original HTML source code and its

output on your browser. so,let’s not waste time and

straightaway get to the point.

HTML And Its Capabilities

before we actually start to learning and writing HTML

codes,we must know what it is and what it can do along

with its limitations.

HTML is document-layout and hyperlink-specification

language.i.e., a language used to design the layout of

a document and to specify the hyperlinks.

HTML tells the browser how to display the contents of

a hypertext document i.e., a document including

text,images and other support media. The language also

tells how to make a document interective through

special hyperlings. prerequisitesThrough

HTML is a language that supports multimedia and new page layout features yet it has its limitations.

HTML is not a word processing tool; it is not a

desktop publishing solution or even a programming

language. It is just a page layput and Hyperlink

specification language.

Writing HTML Documents

HTML is made up of elements or tags and

attributes,which work together to identify document

parts and tell browser how to display them.

All HTML tags are contained with angle brackets (<>)

e.g., is a tag. similarly

is a tag. please note that you can type HTML in capital letters as well as in small letters. A browser treat both of them in the same manner. However though out this chapter and the coming chapter of HTML we shall be using capitals for HTML tags to make them stand out from the rest of the text.

HTML Document Structure

An HTML document consists of text. which comprises the

content of the document and tags. which define the

structure and appearance of the document the basic

structure of an HTML document is simple with the

entire document bound by a pair of tags,

image of HTML Document Structure.

The – tags make the header of the

document and – tags make the body of the

HTML document. Header-that appears on the top of the

window and Body-that appears in the windows.

The tag identifies the document as an HTML

document. An HTML document begins with and ends

with Here Starts the HTML tag and

ends the HTML tag

The Head tags

The tag contains information about the document

including its title, scripts used, style definitions

and document descriptions. The tag is entered

between tags. for example:



………header information comes here


The Title Tag

This tag contains the document title.



<title> your title go here…….




Basic HTML Elements

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